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Red wines with DO Penedès come from the Penedès wine region, located in Catalonia. This region is recognized for its long winemaking tradition and its diverse and quality production.

What red grape varieties are there in the DO Penedès?

In the DO Penedès, various red grape varieties are cultivated that contribute to the production of quality red wines. Among the most outstanding varieties are Garnacha, Monastrell, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The Garnacha brings fruitiness and body to the wine, while the Monastrell adds structure and spicy notes. Tempranillo, a native grape from Spain, provides elegance and smooth tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, international varieties, provide complexity, intensity, and notes of black fruits. These varieties are skilfully combined in different proportions by the producers of DO Penedès to create red wines of great diversity and quality, reflecting the richness and expression of the Penedès terroir.

  • How are the red wines of D.O. Penedès?

    The red wines of DO Penedès are made through a careful and traditional process. It begins with the selection of the red grapes, which are harvested at the optimum moment of maturity. Once harvested, the grapes are destemmed and fermented in stainless steel tanks, where alcoholic fermentation occurs, converting the sugars into alcohol. During this process, maceration techniques can be carried out, where the skins of the grapes remain in contact with the must to extract colour, aromas, and tannins. After fermentation, the wine undergoes a period of aging, which can take place in oak barrels or stainless-steel tanks, depending on the desired style. During aging, the wine acquires complexity, tannins soften, and new flavors and aromas develop. Finally, the wine is stabilized, filtered, and bottled, ready to be enjoyed. Each winery and winemaker have their own approach and style of winemaking, which allows for great diversity and expression in the red wines of the DO Penedès, but always with a common commitment to quality and respect for the terroir.

  • How can be paired the red wines of DO Penedès?

    The red wines of DO Penedès are versatile and can be paired with a variety of dishes. These wines pair very well with red meats such as lamb, pork, and beef, whether roasted, grilled, or stewed. They are also an excellent option to accompany game dishes such as venison or wild boar. In addition, they are complemented with semi-cured or cured cheeses, providing balance, and highlighting the flavors of both. As for Mediterranean cuisine, the red wines of DO Penedès are perfectly suited to dishes such as paella, sausage tapas or even legume dishes. Their elegance and structure also make them suitable to be enjoyed on their own, allowing you to appreciate their complexity and flavors in every sip. In short, the red wines of DO Penedès are ideal companions for a wide range of dishes, highlighting their versatility and their ability to enhance and complement various gastronomic experiences.


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