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Rosé wines made from the Sumoll grape variety are a unique and little-known option within the rosé wine category. Sumoll is an autochthonous red grape grown mainly in the Catalonia region.

  • What is the Sumoll grape variety like?

    These wines often present an attractive pale to bright pink color in the glass, drawing the eye in with their delicate hue. On the nose, they display a moderate aromatic intensity, revealing captivating notes of fresh red fruits, such as strawberries and cherries, which are combined with herbaceous and floral nuances that provide complexity and freshness. On the palate, Sumoll rosé wines are fresh and light, with balanced acidity and a smooth, pleasant texture that invites you to enjoy each sip. Their refreshing character makes them ideal for enjoying on warm days and on informal occasions. As a less common variety in the production of rosé wines, they offer an authentic and distinctive wine experience, enriching the rosé wine category with their freshness and unique character. In summary, Sumoll rosé wines provide an authentic and enchanting wine experience, standing out for their aromatic intensity and distinctive character, enriching the diversity of flavors in the rosé wine category.

  • What do Sumoll rosé wines pair with?

    Rosé wines made from the Sumoll grape variety are a fascinating choice to pair with a variety of dishes. Thanks to their freshness and lightness, these wines complement very well with light and fresh meals. They are ideal for pairing with fresh salads, seafood, and fish dishes, enhancing the natural flavors of these foods and adding a refreshing note to the culinary experience. They also go very well with Catalan cuisine dishes, such as escalivada, tapas and sausages, highlighting the authentic flavors of the region and creating an authentic pairing. Their versatile character also makes them suitable for pairing with Mediterranean dishes and some milder Asian cuisine, where their freshness and fruit flavors can balance the flavors. Sumoll rosé wines offer an authentic and exciting culinary experience, enriching the diversity of flavors in any gastronomic occasion. In summary, Sumoll rosé wines are a fascinating choice for those seeking to enjoy freshness and authenticity in their pairings, standing out for their unique character and enriching the variety of flavors in the rosé wine category.


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