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The Palomino grape variety is widely recognized and used in the production of fortified wines, especially in the Jerez region of Spain. This grape is characterized by being versatile and adaptable to the climatic and soil conditions of the region.

What is the Palomino grape variety like?

Wines generated from Palomino are known for their dry, light, and delicate profile. They have a pale-yellow color and moderate acidity. On the nose, they usually exhibit subtle aromas of apple, almond and floral notes. On the palate, they stand out for their freshness and pleasant smoothness. Palomino is also appreciated for its ability to age in oak barrels, which gives it greater complexity and characteristic flavors, such as notes of dried fruit and salty touches. Palomino fortified wines are very versatile in pairing and can accompany a wide variety of dishes, from seafood to cheeses and Spanish tapas.


In summary, the Palomino grape variety is the basis of the most recognized and appreciated fortified wines, providing elegance, lightness and a wide range of nuances that make them authentic wine jewels.

What do fortified Palomino wines pair with?

Generous wines made from the Palomino grape variety are very versatile in pairing and can accompany a wide variety of dishes. Their dry and delicate profile makes them ideal companions for fresh shellfish, such as oysters, shrimp, and mussels, enhancing the flavors of the sea in a balanced way. They are also excellent to accompany classic Spanish tapas such as olives, anchovies, and Galician octopus. Due to their lightness and freshness, Palomino wines go well with grilled or baked white fish dishes, such as sea bass or sole, adding a touch of elegance. In addition, they are an excellent option to enjoy with soft or semi-cured cheeses, such as fresh goat cheese or young Manchego cheese. Its softness and delicate flavor blend harmoniously with cheeses, without overshadowing their characteristics.


In short, Palomino fortified wines are a wise choice to pair with seafood, tapas, fish, and cheeses, providing an authentic and refined gastronomic experience.


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