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Olive oils are liquid fats obtained from olives (the fruits of the olive tree), widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, and are considered one of the main components of a healthy diet.

  • How is olive oil made?

    Olive oil is made from olives, the fruit of the olive tree. The process begins with the harvest of the olives at their optimum moment of maturity. The olives are then washed and crushed to form a paste. This paste undergoes a pressing or extraction process to separate the olive oil from the rest of the components, such as the pulp and the bone. Traditionally, pressing was done using stone presses or granite wheel mills, which crushed the olive paste and then pressed it to extract the oil. Currently, most producers use modern extraction methods, such as centrifugation or hydraulic presses, which make it possible to obtain high-quality olive oil.

    Once the oil is extracted, a decantation or filtering process is carried out to eliminate any solid residue that may be present. Afterwards, the oil is stored in suitable containers for its conservation and is subjected to a period of rest so that it stabilizes and develops its characteristic flavor and aroma. The olive oil production process requires care and attention to preserve the quality and healthy properties of this precious liquid. The result is a versatile olive oil, widely used in cooking to enhance the flavors of food and as a base for dressings and sauces.

    What types of olive oils are there?

    There are different types of olive oils, each with its own characteristics and production processes. Some of the most common types are:
    Extra virgin olive oil: It is the highest quality oil and is obtained directly from the olives by mechanical methods. No chemicals or heat are used in its extraction. It has an intense flavor and aroma, and a maximum acidity of 0.8%.

    Virgin olive oil: It is also obtained from olives through mechanical processes, but its quality is slightly lower than extra virgin. It has a maximum acidity of 2%.

    Refined olive oil: It is obtained from lower quality virgin olive oils that do not meet the standards to be considered extra virgin or virgin. This oil undergoes a refining process that includes the use of chemicals and heat to remove defects and improve its flavor and aroma.

    Mild olive oil: It is a mixture of refined olive oil and virgin or extra virgin olive oil. It is used for those who prefer a milder and less intense flavor.
    These are just a few examples of the most common types of olive oil, but other varieties and classifications can also be found based on quality standards and specific production processes.

  • What varieties of olives exist?

    There are numerous varieties of olive oils, each with distinct characteristics in terms of flavor, aroma, and nutritional profile. Some of the best-known varieties are:
    The Picual olive variety is one of the most recognized and widely cultivated in Spain, especially in the Andalusia region. It is a robust and resistant variety, adapted to Mediterranean climatic conditions.

    The Arbequina olive variety is one of the most recognized and widely cultivated varieties in Catalonia. It has also spread to other olive oil producing regions around the world.

    The Empeltre olive variety is one of the oldest and most traditional varieties grown mainly in the Aragon region, although it is also found in other areas of the country.

    What olive oils do we have at LaVinateria?

    At LaVinateria, we offer a wide selection of olive oils of different brands and varieties. Our products are carefully selected, which guarantees that each item you find in our store is of the highest quality. Also, when you buy at LaVinateria, you ensure that you get an authentic and superior quality product, since we work directly with many of the producers.

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