Alta Alella Mirgin

Alta Alella Mirgin

Alta Alella cultivates vineyards and produces wines and cavas within the O. Alella and the D.O. Cava through the system of organic farming

The vineyards are arranged in costers and terraces with suitable orientations for each variety. The harvest is done manually over two months so that the same vine is harvested up to three times, looking for the optimum maturation point of each vine. The variety set is very broad, looking to convey the expression of the terroir over of the varietal character. The elaborations are specific depending on the vintage. The cellars of Alta Alella Privat belong to the D.O. Cava. They are made with very expressive varieties and with courageous courage, and together with a very personal presentation, they transmit a language that is suitable for consumers with cosmopolitan criteria. Trying to elevate the cava to the category of great wine, capable of marking a new standard with the same base of earth and climate, but evolving in terms of varieties and elaboration system. They are put on sale freshly slaughtered (decoupled label date), in order to ensure they are consumed at the optimal time. The property has been declared and certified ecologically since its origin. They perform the minimum phytosanitary treatments, solely with sulfur, copper hydroxide and other superficial treatments that do not penetrate the grapes nor leave any waste of any kind. They do not use herbicides, pesticides, or inorganic fertilizers. You can take it down and you can in green. The harvest is manual and in small boxes.

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