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What is the production process for Nicaraguan rum?

The Nicaraguan rum production process begins with the selection and grinding of sugar cane, which is fermented to obtain cane juice. This juice undergoes a distillation process in distillation columns, which allows obtaining liquor with a higher alcohol concentration. Subsequently, the rum is aged in oak barrels, where it acquires its distinctive flavor and character for a certain period. Finally, it is bottled and distributed to the market.

How are Nicaraguan rums classified?

Nicaraguan rums are classified mainly according to their aging period. Common categories include White rum which has not gone through an aging process and is characterized by its freshness and smoothness. Golden rum, which has been aged for a period in oak barrels, acquires more complex flavour notes and golden tones. Aged rum that is aged for at least five years, developing a greater depth and smoothness in its flavour. Extra-aged rum that has been aged for at least 12 years or more, provides an even more refined and sophisticated flavour experience.

Which Nicaraguan rum brands are the most popular?

In Nicaragua, some of the most popular rum brands are Flor de Caña rum, with more than 125 years of tradition, Flor de Caña is recognized for its quality and excellence in rum production, and Zacapa rum, which is originally from Guatemala, but which is also highly appreciated and popular in Nicaragua for its flavor and sophistication.

These brands represent the diversity and excellence of Nicaraguan rum, offering a variety of options for rum lovers in search of exceptional taste experiences.


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