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La Ratafia Portet is a specific brand of ratafia that is produced at the Portet distillery located in the town of La Pobla de Segur, in the province of Lleida, Catalonia and has a wide variety of ratafia, perhaps the best known is Raiers. It stands out for its handmade ratafia made with a careful selection of herbs and fruits.

How is Portet ratafia made?

For the elaboration of the ratafia Portet, local products such as aromatic plants, green walnuts and apples are used. In the production process, in addition to maceration in the sun and calm, they also use stills to distill. The alcoholic strength of Portet liqueurs usually ranges between 18º and 30º, depending on the type of liqueur and the recipe used to make it.

When it comes to tasting the Portet ratafia, it can be served alone at room temperature, to appreciate its flavor and aroma, cold or with ice. Either way, Portet ratafia is a perfect digestif to take after a meal.


In summary, the Portet ratafia is a ratafia made by hand from the maceration of aromatic plants, roots and spices in aniseed cream or brandy.

What flavor does Portet ratafia have?

Portet has different brands of ratafia, one of the most famous ratafia of the Portet brand is the Raiers ratafia, but it also has, among others, the L'Ermità dels Pirineus ratafia. Portet ratafia offers a unique and captivating taste experience with a combination of flavors that distinguish it. When savoring it, fruity notes of plums, figs, cherries, or oranges can be appreciated, which provide a natural and juicy sweetness. As it is tasted, a harmony of herbs and spices such as cinnamon, cloves or anise is perceived, which add complexity and warmth to the palate. In addition, you can enjoy a mild bitterness that balances the flavors and provides a refreshing sensation.


Taken together, Portet ratafia captivates with its combination of fruity, herbal, spicy and bitter flavors, creating a unique and pleasurable sensory experience for those who taste it.

What types of Portet ratafia are there?

The Ratafia Portet brand offers a variety of types of ratafia with distinctive flavors. Some of the types of Portet ratafia that you can find in the winery are:


Ratafia dels Raiers

This variety of Portet ratafia is made by incorporating the "raiers" plant (Centaurium erythraea). This plant provides a bitter and herbaceous flavor that complements the other ingredients used in ratafia.

Ratafia l'Ermità dels Pirineus

This ratafia is inspired by the traditions and flavors of the Catalan Pyrenees. It may contain a selection of native mountain herbs and spices, which give it a distinctive character and evoke the essence of the region.

Ratafia Aigua de Nòdes

This variety is made using green walnuts (nòdes) as one of the main ingredients. Green walnuts provide a unique and characteristic flavor, which is combined with other elements to create a special taste experience.

Nous i Pomes Ratafia

This ratafia combines walnuts and apples in its preparation. The combination of these ingredients offers a balanced mix of sweet and bitter flavors, with fruity and nutty notes.

Ratafia dels Raiers Reserva 21 Llunes

This variety of ratafia Portet is a special reserve that has been aged for 21 moons (approximately 21 months). The aging process in oak barrels provides greater complexity and smoothness to the flavor, developing aromatic notes and more pronounced flavors.

Ratafia dels Raiers Reserva de l'Avi Joan

This version of ratafia Portet is a tribute to Grandfather Joan. It is a reserve ratafia that has been aged under special conditions to achieve a distinctive flavor profile. It can offer a greater intensity of flavors and aromas, with nuances related to the recipe and the aging process used.

Ratafia dels Raiers Reserva 33 Llunes

This variant of Portet ratafia has been aged for 33 moons (approximately 33 months). The extended aging period can contribute to greater complexity and sophistication in flavor, with more developed notes and a smoother texture.

Ratafia Terrània

This ratafia is made from a green walnut macerate and distilled in a wood-fired still in a bain-marie with orange peel, aromatic plants, and spices. It incorporates Dutch and aged wine spirits that provide a particular boat that enriches the product, even refining it, over time.


If you are looking to enjoy a unique and special drink, the Portet ratafia is the best option for you. Do not miss the opportunity to try it as its competitive price will make it accessible to everyone. Buy your Portet ratafia today at LaVinateria!


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