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White Germany Wines

German white wines are fresh, intense and with high acidity. They stand out for giving off very pleasant aromas and having a great capacity for aging in the bottle. Much of Germany's vineyards are located on the slopes of the Rhine, Moselle and Nahe. These three rivers help keep the temperatures moderate and thus avoid frost in winter. The soil is diverse although slate, clay and limestone predominate.

Which white grape varieties stand out in German wines?

The Riesling variety is the star grape of German vineyards in many regions such as Moselle, Rheingau, Nahe or Pfalz. The Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner varieties also stand out, which has a resemblance to the Chardonnay variety.

Why do white wines from Germany stand out?

The Rheinhessen region is the largest and most traditional in Germany. It is recognized for its first-class white wines. Many of these wines are very refreshing and fruity Rieslings, aged in oak barrels that can pair well with many different meals. More and more wineries are deciding to produce dry wines, also known as Trocken, leaving behind those sweet wines that are so representative of the German lands.

Which wineries stand out in LaVinateria?

In our online shop you can find German white wines from the Mosel and Rheingau regions. We have great cheap white wines of great quality. You will find the best German white wines here from the Künstler, Loosen Bros and Markus Molitor wineries.


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