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We find Valdeorras white wines at the Northwest of Spain, between the limit of Ourense and Leon regions. The winery tradition of this region comes from the roman age where the climate, influenced by continental climate and Atlantic Ocean, already affected the zone.

  • Which varieties highlight at Valdeorras region?

    Already from the origins of the creation of the Valdeorras Denomination, they tried to promote and impulse Godello and Albariño varieties with the intention to bet for the quality, control, expansion, and commercialization of Valdeorras white wines. We can also find grape types like Dona Branca, Palomino, Loureira, Treixadura and Torrontés. As the time passes by, producers of Valdeorras wine have been escalating to the most renowned Denominations of Spain with a great capacity of exportation to other countries.

  • Which is the taste of Valdeorras white wines?

    Valdeorras white wines highlights for being mono varietal of Godello type. This are usually the greatest quality and prestige. Are fruity wines, elegance, gold and with a great structure. The rest of the white wines are fresh, also sweet. They are perfect to combine with seafood, fish, or rice.

    Which Valdeorras white wines are good to gift?

    All Valdeorras white wines are good to gift and at LaVinateria we offer a great selection of Valdeorras wines from wine cellars like: La Tapada, Pago de los Capellanes, Rafael Palacios or la Sociedad Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana SCG. All these winereies comes from great renowned productors that produce high quality Valdeorras white wines.


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