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Young red wines are those that have had a relatively short aging period before being bottled and offered for sale.

  • How are young red wines made?

    Young red wines are made with a focus on freshness and fruit expression. After alcoholic fermentation, these wines undergo a short period of aging, usually in stainless steel tanks, to preserve the vitality of the fruit. During this stage, contact with the oak wood is largely avoided, allowing the primary flavors of the grapes to shine through. This process keeps the wine alive and vibrant, bringing out the characteristics of the grapes and the terroir. Young red wines are bottled relatively quickly and are meant to be consumed early, offering a fresh, juicy experience that captures the essence of the recent vintage.

  • How are young red wines?

    Young red wines are often fresh and vibrant, highlighting freshly picked fruit characteristics and primary flavors. By not undergoing a long aging process in oak barrels or in the bottle, the young red wines maintain their livelier nature and fruity flair. They are ideal for early consumption, generally within one to three years after harvest, and offer direct insight into the characteristics of the grapes and the terroir where they were grown. Young red wines are a refreshing and easy-drinking option, perfect for informal occasions and for those looking for a lighter, more uncomplicated wine experience.


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