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L'Hòstia ratafia from the Caves Martí Serdà house, is an artisanal ratafia made in the Terra Alta region, Catalonia. For its preparation, they use local ingredients and follow traditional production methods.

How is L'Hòstia ratafia made?

Ratafia L'Hòstia is made by macerating green walnut liqueur with extracts of more than twenty different aromatic herbs, including sage, cinnamon, dried anise, thyme, rosemary and more. After macerating for 4 months, it is left to age and sugar is added to finish bottling.


The result is a powerful ratafia, with a strong aroma and a 32% alcoholic percentage. The Ratafía L'Hòstia is a great digestive for heavy meals, it is drunk at once with a shot glass, very cold, from the freezer.


If you are looking to enjoy a unique and special drink, the ratafia L'Hòstia is the best option for you. Do not miss the opportunity to try it as its competitive price will make it accessible to everyone. Buy your l'Hòstia ratafia today at LaVinateria!

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