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The Parellada grape variety is a white strain native to Catalonia, whose characteristics make it an important grape variety in winemaking and a fundamental part of the cava tradition.

What is the Parellada grape variety like?

The Parellada grape variety stands out for its contribution of freshness and elegance to wines, thanks to its balanced acidity. Wines made with Parellada are usually delicate and expressive, with aromas of white flowers, citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit, and sometimes hints of green apple. Its versatility also extends beyond cava, as it is occasionally used in the production of dry white wines.


Parellada is an essential part of the Catalan wine tradition and a key grape variety in the creation of high-quality sparkling wines enjoyed around the world.

What do Parellada sparkling wines pair with?

The sparkling wines made with the Parellada grape variety are ideal as an aperitif and pair very well with a variety of fresh and light dishes. Their balanced acidity and citrus notes make them a refreshing choice to accompany seafood, white fish and fresh salads, enhancing the flavors of these dishes. Additionally, their elegance and festive fizz make them an excellent choice for toasting at celebrations and special events, especially in warm climates.


In short, Parellada sparkling wines are a versatile and fresh choice for a variety of dining occasions.


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