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Crianza white wines are those that have undergone a period of aging in oak barrels and/or in bottles before being marketed. Although the term "crianza" is most associated with red wines, it is also applied to some white wines that have been aged with the aim of developing their complexity and adding distinctive characteristics.

  • How are crianza white wines made?

    During the aging process of white wines, aging in oak barrels can last several months or even years, depending on the desired style and the winemaker's preferences. During this time, the wines interact with the oak wood, which can add notes of vanilla, spice, and toast, as well as greater structure and smoothness to the wine. After spending time in the barrel, white wines can also undergo a period of bottle aging before being released on the market. This additional time in the bottle allows the flavors and aromas to integrate and evolve, which can result in more complex and balanced wines.

  • How are the white wines aged?

    Crianza white wines tend to have a more mature and developed character compared to young white wines. They can offer a greater aromatic intensity, with notes of ripe fruit, spices, and a touch of elegant oak. On the palate, they can be smoother and more rounded, with greater complexity of flavors and well-balanced acidity. Crianza white wines are ideal for those looking for more sophisticated wine experiences and who enjoy wines with greater depth and structure. They are excellent to accompany more elaborate dishes with intense flavours, such as fish and shellfish in creamy sauces, roasted poultry, and dishes with Mediterranean influences. In addition, they can be a fascinating option for tasting and exploring the art of aging in the world of white wines.

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