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The red wines of DO El Bierzo are produced in the Bierzo wine region, located in the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León. This appellation is known for its high-quality red wines, which reflect the unique characteristics of the area's climate and soil.

What red grape varieties are there in the D.O. Bierzo?

At DO El Bierzo, several red grape varieties are cultivated that play a fundamental role in the production of high-quality wines. Among the most outstanding varieties is Mencía, which is considered the emblematic variety of the region. La Mencía produces elegant red wines, with aromas of red and black fruits, floral notes, and soft tannins. In addition to Mencía, other secondary varieties are used such as Garnacha Tintorera (Alicante Bouschet), Bastardo, Merenzao and Sousón, which add complexity and nuances to the wines of the D.O. bierzo. These varieties, adapted to the Bierzo climate and soil, contribute to the creation of red wines with personality, freshness, and balance, reflecting the unique identity of the region.

  • How are the red wines of D.O. Bierzo?

    The production process of the red wines of D.O. Bierzo follows traditional winemaking methods, with some modern techniques depending on the winery and the winemaker. The grapes are harvested by hand, carefully selecting the bunches at the optimum moment of ripeness. They are then separated from the clusters and can be lightly crushed to release the must and compounds from the grapes.

    The must ferments in stainless steel tanks or in small wooden vats, where selected yeasts are added. During this process, the sugars are converted into alcohol and the characteristic aromas and flavors of the wine develop. A maceration is carried out to extract the color, flavor and tannin compounds from the skins of the grapes. The duration of the maceration can vary according to the desired style of wine. After fermentation and maceration, pressing is carried out to extract the remaining liquid from the skins and seeds. Many red wines from D.O. Bierzo go through a period of aging in oak barrels, which can vary in time and type of barrel. Barrel aging adds complexity and specific characteristics to the wine. After aging or, in the case of young wines, after fermentation, the wine is bottled and sealed. The red wines of D.O. Bierzo are known for their elegance, freshness, and balance. They exhibit intense fruit notes, such as cherries and red berries, along with vibrant acidity and smooth tannins.

  • With what can we accompany the red wines of D.O. Bierzo?

    The red wines of DO El Bierzo are ideal companions for a variety of dishes. Their elegance, freshness and balance make them a versatile and attractive option. You can enjoy them alongside meats roasted on the grill, such as a succulent ribeye or a juicy pork fillet. They are also an excellent choice for game dishes, where their fruity and smooth character combine perfectly with the intensity of flavours. If you prefer softer options, you can pair them with semi-cured cheeses and sausages, enhancing the nuances of both. Whether for a special occasion or simply to delight yourself, the red wines of D.O. Bierzo are a safe choice that will elevate your meals and celebrations.


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