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Rum is made in different countries around the world, although the Caribbean and Latin American regions continue to be recognized for their production of high-quality rum. Each country and region have its own distinctive style and characteristics in rum production, which contributes to the diversity of flavors and profiles found on the market.

What types of rum are there?

There are several types of rum, each with distinctive characteristics based on its origin, manufacturing process, and aging period.


White Rum

Also known as light rum or silver rum, this type of rum is distilled and bottled directly without going through a lengthy aging process. It is transparent and usually has a milder and lighter flavor. It is widely used in cocktails and mixes.

Golden Rum

This rum has undergone a brief period of aging in oak barrels, giving it a golden color and a more complex flavor compared to white rum. It can present notes of vanilla, caramel, and soft spices.

Aged Rum

The aged rum has been aged for a longer period in oak barrels. It can range from a few years to decades, giving it a richer, smoother, more complex flavor. It can present notes of dried fruits, chocolate, spices, and wood.

Reserve Rum

This type of rum has been aged for a long period of time and is usually of a higher quality. It can have a higher concentration of flavors and a greater smoothness compared to other types of rum. Some reserve rums specify the exact aging time, such as 5, 10, or 15 years.

Extra Aged Rum

Extra aged rum is considered the highest expression of quality and sophistication in the world of rum. It is characterized by its prolonged aging in oak barrels, exceeding the minimum requirements established for aged rums. This type of rum spends several years in contact with wood, which allows it to develop an exceptional complexity of flavors and aromas. During the aging process, the extra aged rum acquires more pronounced notes of vanilla, caramel, dried fruit, and spices, while its texture becomes smoother and silkier.

Dark Rum

This type of rum is known for its dark color and more intense flavor. It may have gone through a long period of aging in oak barrels, which gives it a higher concentration of flavors and aromas. It usually presents notes of caramel, chocolate, spices, and ripe fruits.

Spiced Rum

It is a type of rum that has been infused with a mixture of spices and additional flavors, giving it a distinctive character. Common spices used in spiced rum include cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and vanilla. These spices add aromatic complexity and additional flavors to the rum, creating a unique tasting experience.

Reserve Rum

Reserve rum is a type of rum that stands out for its superior quality and long aging period. This rum is made using high-quality base rums, which then undergo an aging process in oak barrels for a specified period. The result is a reserve rum with a notably superior richness and depth of flavors. It can present notes of dried fruits, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, spices, and wood, among other nuances.


These are just a few examples of the most common types of rum, but there are many other variations and styles depending on region and producer. Each type of rum has its own unique flavor profile and characteristics that make them prized by rum lovers.


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