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Verdejo white wines are recognized around the world for their excellent value for money. Verdejo white wines are generally associated with Rueda, as it is the most well-known Denomination of Origin that uses this grape variety.

  • What characteristics stand out from the Verdejo grape variety?

    There are many varieties of Verdejo wines, either due to the area and the climate, the type of vine, the strain itself, the aging time and the winemaking method. A thousand things can vary between one Verdejo wine and another. The Verdejo variety is white, adapts well to all soils and withstands high temperature contrasts. The grapes grow and ripen slowly and are picked during the nights of October so that they arrive fresh in the cellar and retain their properties.

    What are Verdejo wines like?

    As we have said, we mostly find this variety in the white wines of Rueda, but there are also areas of Castilla and León where the Verdejo variety is accepted. Verdejo white wines have a straw yellow color with greenish tones. They are clean and shiny. On the nose they have aromas of white fruit, floral and very intense. On the palate they are very soft white wines, with little acidity and a complex bitterness. They are very refreshing wines and fruity wines that stand out during the summer seasons.

  • What other names does this grape variety have?

    In addition to being known as the Verdejo grape, it is also known as Gouveio, Verdelho or Verdello.

    Which wineries stand out in LaVianteria?

    At LaVinateria you will find the best Verdejo white wines from Rueda such as the Belondrade, Carramimbre, José Pariente, Menade and Marqués de Riscal wineries. We also have some white Verdejo wines from Castilla y León, and some other white Verdejo wines from La Rioja. You can find Verdejo white wines to give as gifts or to drink with all kinds of seafood or fish.


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