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"Biodynamic Agriculture Sparkling Wines" are sparkling wines with an agricultural focus that goes beyond organic farming by incorporating spiritual and energetic aspects into viticulture.

How are Biodynamic Agriculture sparkling wines made?

Sparkling wines from biodynamic agriculture are made with a holistic and sustainable approach. In the vineyard, biodynamic practices are followed, including the use of natural preparations based on herbs, minerals, and compost to strengthen the health of the vines and soil, and planting and harvesting based on the lunar phases. The grapes are grown in a biodiverse ecosystem that encourages beneficial plant and animal life. In the winery, the most natural winemaking possible is sought, using native yeasts, and avoiding the excessive use of chemical additives, which allows the wine to authentically express the character of the terroir and respect for the land.

What is Biodynamic Agriculture sparkling wines like?

These sparkling wines are unique and expressive, with a strong sense of place and a deep connection to the land. They tend to exhibit exceptional aromatic and flavor complexity, with notes that reflect both the terroir and cosmic influences according to the lunar calendar. Its freshness and balance remain at the center of its profile, and respect for nature shines through its purity and authenticity.

How to accompany Biodynamic Agriculture sparkling wines?

Given their complexity and connection to the land, these sparkling wines can pair well with a variety of dishes. They are perfect as appetizers before a gourmet meal, and their freshness and acidity can balance fresh seafood dishes, such as oysters or crab. They can also enhance vegetarian dishes made with seasonal ingredients and quality artisanal cheeses. Their versatility extends to poultry dishes, such as orange duck, and they can accompany fruit or nut-based desserts.


Overall, their sustainable and authentic character makes them suitable for special dining experiences that value connection to the land and quality.


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