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Buying miniature vodka, whiskey, ratafia, or gin is a great way to try different brands and flavors without having to commit to a full bottle. These miniatures are ideal for drink lovers looking to broaden their knowledge of different spirits and explore new options.

What types of miniatures are there in lavinateria?

Miniature bottles allow you to try different types without the need to purchase a full bottle.


Vodka: Miniature bottles of vodka are popular and come in a wide range of brands, including Absolut, Smirnoff, Gray Goose, and Belvedere. They are perfect for cocktails or quick tastings.

Whiskey: Whiskey miniatures are ideal for lovers of this spirit. You can find varieties like bourbon, scotch, irish or single malt. Some well-known brands include Jack Daniel's, Johnnie Walker, Chivas, and Jameson.

Limoncello: This Italian lemon liqueur is often available in miniature bottles, perfect for enjoying after a meal. The Villa Massa brand is common in mini format.

Ratafia: Ratafia is a traditional liquor that is made with different fruits and spices. The miniature bottles of ratafia can contain classic versions or variants with specific flavors, such as cherry ratafia.

Appetizers: Appetizers such as vermouth are easily found in miniature format. They are excellent for preparing cocktails or enjoying in appetizers before meals.

Rum: Rum miniatures are popular for tasting different styles, such as white, gold, or aged rum.

Port: Port, a typical fortified wine from Portugal, can also be found in miniature bottles.

Gin: Gin miniatures are ideal for exploring the wide range of flavors and styles available. Brands like Hendrick's, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, and Beefeater offer their products in mini format.


These miniature bottles are perfect for having a varied selection at home, for gifts, or for taking on trips. Remember to enjoy responsibly and follow local laws and regulations regarding alcohol consumption.


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