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Sweet wines made from the Moscatel grape variety are a delicious choice for lovers of sweet wines.

What is the Moscatel grape variety like?

The Moscatel grape variety is widely recognized for being one of the main strains used in the production of sweet wines. Its distinctive characteristics make this grape a perfect choice for those looking for intense flavors and exquisite aromas. The Moscatel stands out for its thick, golden skin, which protects the grapes from damage and dehydration. Its clusters are compact, and its juice is abundant, which makes it possible to obtain a high sugar content during fermentation. In addition, this variety has a unique aromatic profile, with floral, citrus, and tropical fruit notes, which are faithfully transferred to the final wine. Its balanced sweetness and refreshing acidity make Moscatel wines an irresistible option for lovers of sweet and perfumed wines.

What do sweet Moscatel wines pair with?

Muscatel sweet wines are an excellent option to pair with a variety of foods and desserts. Its distinctive sweetness and aroma perfectly complement dishes such as foie gras, blue cheeses, fruit-based desserts such as apple or pear pies, vanilla ice cream, as well as chocolates and desserts made with dark chocolate. In addition, its balanced acidity helps to counteract the intensity of certain fatty or salty dishes, making it a wise choice to accompany pâtés, creamy cheeses, and spicy foods. Sweet Moscatel wines can also be enjoyed neat as a dessert wine on their own, as their rich, fruity flavor can be a delight on its own.


In short, Muscatel sweet wines are a versatile and delicious choice to pair with a wide range of flavors and dishes.


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