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Calvados is an alcoholic beverage originating in the Normandy region of France.

  • How is calvados made?

    Calvados is made through a process that begins with the harvesting of carefully selected apples to guarantee the quality of the final product. They are then pressed to extract their juice, which is fermented to obtain apple cider. Apple cider is distilled in copper stills, where the volatile components of the liquid are separated. The result is a high-alcohol liquid known as "eau de vie," which undergoes a second distillation to further refine its flavor and concentration. Subsequently, the "eau de vie" obtained is aged in oak barrels for a period that can vary from a few years to several decades. During this aging process, Calvados acquires its unique characteristics, developing complex aromas and flavors. Once the Calvados has reached its desired maturity, it is bottled and ready to be enjoyed. The result is an alcoholic drink with a distinctive apple flavor and a wide variety of nuances, representing the art and tradition of the Normandy region in every sip.

    What flavors does calvados have?

    Calvados presents a wide range of flavors that delight the palate. Its flavor profile is characterized by intense and distinctive notes of ripe apples, which provide a fruity and refreshing sweetness. In addition, nuances of cider can be perceived, adding a slight acidity and complexity. As the Calvados ages in oak barrels, smooth flavors of caramel and vanilla develop, intertwining with delicate spices such as cinnamon and cloves. These flavors are complemented by subtle hints of dried fruits, such as raisins and plums, and a pleasant presence of woody notes. Taken together, Calvados offers a unique sensory experience, balancing the essence of apples with a rich variety of flavors that captivate the senses.

    How to taste calvados?

    To taste calvados properly, follow these steps. First, choose a brandy or tulip glass to better appreciate its aromas. Observe its color, from golden in the youngest to amber in the old ones. Then bring the glass up to your nose and inhale gently, identifying notes of ripe apples, cider, caramel, and spices. Take a small sip and allow the calvados to run over your tongue, paying attention to its texture and flavors. You will notice the presence of juicy apples, notes of cider, hints of vanilla, spices, and possibly dried fruits. Feel its body and how it develops on your palate, appreciating its balance and complexity. Finally, swallow slowly, letting the flavors linger in your mouth. Enjoy the experience and take your time to discover all the nuances and subtleties that Calvados has to offer.

  • What types of calvados exist?

    There are different types of calvados, distinguished mainly by their aging time and the techniques used in their production.

    Calvados Fine/V.S. (Very Special): It is the youngest Calvados and is aged for at least two years in oak barrels. It has a fresh and fruity flavor, with more pronounced apple notes.

    Calvados Vieux/V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale): This calvados is aged for at least four years, giving it greater complexity and smoothness. Deeper flavors and more refined aromas develop.

    Calvados X.O. (Extra Old): It is a high-quality calvados that is aged for at least six years, although some can exceed ten years of aging. It presents a greater concentration of flavors and aromas, with notes of dried fruits, spices, and an exceptional balance.

    Calvados Hors d'Age: It is the oldest and most prestigious calvados. It is aged for a very long period, often exceeding ten years. This type of Calvados exhibits exceptional depth and complexity, with rich and nuanced flavors and aromas.
    In addition to these main types, you can also find limited edition calvados, farmhouse calvados (made by local producers), and vintage calvados, which is made from a single vintage and displays the characteristics of that particular year. It should be noted that the terms and classifications can vary by producer and region, so it is advisable to explore different brands and styles to discover your personal preferences.

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