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Sparkling wines can be classified into several categories based on their aging and aging period, which affects their complexity and flavor.

  • Young Sparkling Wines

    These sparkling wines are bottled relatively soon after fermentation and have a short aging period in the cellar. They are fresh, fruity, and light, ideal as aperitifs or for informal moments.

    Young Sparkling Wines with Aging

    It combines the freshness of young people with a short period of aging in the cellar, adding a certain complexity without losing its fruity and sparkling character.

    Sparkling Wines Aging

    These wines have spent a longer time in the cellar before being bottled, which provides greater complexity and depth of flavor. They may present notes of nuts and toast.

    Sparkling Reserve

    They are high-quality sparkling wines that have aged even longer in the cellar, generally for at least three years. They have greater complexity and elegance, with notes of nuts, toast, and honey.

  • Long-Aged Sparkling Wines

    These wines have been aged for an extended period, often more than five years, developing a richness of flavors and aromas. They are exceptional in complexity and texture.

    Gran Reserva sparkling wines

    They represent the pinnacle of quality in sparkling wines. They have undergone an extensive period of aging in the cellar, often more than seven years, and exhibit great depth and elegance, with sophisticated and refined notes.

    Each category offers a unique tasting experience and suits different occasions and preferences. The choice depends on your personal tastes and the type of event in which you want to enjoy them.


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