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Do you like red wine? You are at the perfect place to find the best ones for the great value for money, even if you like the young red wine, Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva. If you are the ones that have one different wine for every occasion, or if you are asking which white wine to gift, buying here at LaVinateria is the best option to find a bottle to drink with friends, just savour it or to make a gift. We have a bottle of wine for every moment, even if you have a romantic dinner, an informal meal or a thanksgiving lunch with the in-laws. We have the best red wine to drink while you are speaking on the phone or just cooking. Summarizing, we can help you to buy the red wine you Love, a bottle to share or simply taste.

  • How to choose the best red wine?

    Easy, we made it for you. You just have to enter to our online shop and you’ll discover different varieties of grapes, wineries, zones and regions. We selected the wine and that’s the way we want you to know the best red wines with a great value for Money. To choose, you just have to search, look and fall in love of a bottle of wine to confirm that our selection have the best red wines.

    Are you searching good red wines?

    First you can choose the zone, we have a great variety of Origin Denomination, from the qualified Rioja and Priorat, till the D.O. of Ribera del Duero, Bierzo, Toro, Somontano, Empordà or Penedès. We also have some others, less known but well-valued, like Jumilla, Utiel-Requena, Uclés, Alella, Arribes or Tierras de Cádiz. We are pleased to go along with all of you to discover some new countries and we’ll try to show you red wines from France, Chile or Argentina.

  • What are the most used varieties to make red wine?

    After that you can choose the wine according to the grape variety. Remember you have red wines made of one variety, some others named “coupages” that are a mix of different grape type. With these varieties you have a great range of possibilities to choose like Syrah, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Tinta de Toro, Tinta del País, Cabernet, Merlot or Pinot Noir. In addition we provide some other grape types that are less-known like Trepat, Mencía, Monastrell, Sumoll or Bobal. Likewise, we like to bet for the new ones and sometimes we choose some grape types that we know and we try to give them a chance, for exemple Listán Negro, Rufete, Mantonegro or Tintilla.

    You can also choose the red wine according their elaboration, there are red wines made by ecological agriculture, biodynamical, vegan wines and they can be with or without added sulphites. That is, for all tastes. To finish, the million-dollar question, what is the best red wine? The answer is easy, the one you want the most. It will depend on the moment, the company, the food and even the mood, but the best red wine is the one that tastes best on the palate.


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