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Floral Gins

Floral gins are those that are characterized by incorporating flowers during their production process, which gives them a delicate and aromatic flavor profile. These flowers can include lavender, rose, hibiscus, violet, and other botanical varieties that contribute distinctive floral notes to the gin.

  • How are floral gins made?

    Floral gins are made by adding flowers during the production process. These flowers, which can include lavender, rose, hibiscus, violet, and other botanical varieties, are carefully selected for their characteristic flavors and aromatic properties. In some cases, the flowers are macerated in the base alcohol for a period to allow their aromatic compounds to gradually infuse. The blend is then distilled, helping to integrate the floral flavors and aromas with the alcohol, creating a gin with a smooth, elegant, and floral flavor profile. Distillation is a key process in the production of floral gins, as it allows the aromatic compounds of the flowers to be released and harmoniously combined with the base alcohol. This results in a gin that evokes the fragrance and charm of flowers, bringing subtle and delicate notes to the tasting experience. Each brand may have its own recipe and flower selection, giving it a distinctive floral character. Floral gins are prized for their elegance and their ability to bring subtle floral nuances to cocktails and drinks. They can be enjoyed alone, with tonic or as a base in cocktails that seek to highlight and complement the floral flavors. The finesse and sophistication of floral gins make them a popular choice for those looking for a refined and aromatic taste experience.

  • What are the most popular floral gins?

    There are several popular floral gins on the market, some of which are:
    Hendrick's Gin: Renowned for its distinctive bottle and focus on botanical flavors, Hendrick's Gin uses rose petals and cucumber, among other ingredients, to deliver a fresh, floral taste experience.

    Roku Gin: This Japanese gin incorporates six Japanese botanicals, including cherry blossom and green tea, which add delicate floral and herbal notes to its flavor profile.

    Gin G'Vine Floraison: Made with grapes as a base and with the addition of grape blossom, G'Vine Floraison offers a smooth and floral flavor, with hints of ginger and cardamom.
    Floral gins are prized for their elegance and sophistication and can be enjoyed alone or in combination with other ingredients to create fresh and aromatic cocktails. Each brand has its own combination of flowers and botanicals, giving them a unique floral character that is appealing to gin lovers.


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