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Rosé Crianza Wines

Rosé wines are not just young rosé wines, we can perfectly find rosé Crianza wines anywhere. Wines suffer a constant evolution and it’s true that during the wine life there are some moments that the wine is at its peak.

How are rosé Crianza wines?

We’ve been increasing the knowledge of the winery world and since the beginning each wine is different and unique. Every winemaker produces its wines to get different characteristics, searching the singularity and the excellence. There are some different procedures that make wines age during years: ageing on the lees or ageing on barrel letting the wines stay over 3 and 5 years inside the bottles. Rosé Crianza wines have a high service temperature than young white wines. Between 8ºC and 12ºC to get other nuances, savours, and smells. Rosé Crianza wines have a red colour, less pinky with sweety touches, vanilla, honey, and dried fruits while they win volume, unctuousness, and complexity at mouth. When they must combine with different dishes, these Rosé Crianza wines are versatile and let them have more options.

Which Rosé Crianza wines highlight at LaVinateria?

All the productors and wine cellars have the aim of searching the excellence and singularity creating their rosé crianza wines. At LaVinateria there are some wineries that highlight more than others: lavinyeta, Régnard, Venus la Universal, Olivardots, Mas Llunes, Jean León, Clos Mogador, Espelt or Louis Latour. All of them worldwide renown. Here you will find the best rosé crianza wines at a great price.


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