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Crianza rosé wines are an interesting option for those looking for something more complex and structured than a young rosé, but still maintaining the elegance and freshness characteristic of this type of wine. It is a category that offers a unique oenological experience and can be an attractive option for pairings with more elaborate foods and intense flavors.

How are crianza rosé wines made?

Crianza rosé wines are those that have spent a period aging in oak barrels before being bottled and placed on the market. This oak aging process is most associated with red wines, but in some cases, it is also applied to rosé wines with the aim of adding complexity and structure to the flavor profile.

The aging time in oak barrels can vary according to the producer and the style of the wine, but generally it tends to range from a few months to a year. During this time, the rosé wine can take on subtle notes of vanilla, spice, and toast from the wood, adding an extra dimension to the fresh, fruity profile characteristic of young rosés.


It is important to note that the aging process must be carried out carefully so as not to overwhelm the fruit characteristics of the wine, as rosés are known for their fresh and fruity expression. Therefore, producers must find the right balance to maintain the essence of the wine while adding the notes of oak aging.

How are rosé wines aged?

Aged rosé wines are a fascinating expression of the versatility of this style of wine. These rosés have undergone careful aging in oak barrels prior to bottling, adding an extra dimension to their flavor profile. During this time in wood, the rosé wines acquire subtle notes of vanilla, spice, and toast, complementing their characteristic freshness and vivacity with exceptional elegance and complexity. Although they maintain the vibrant palette of fruit flavors, crianza rosés are distinguished by their structure and body, making them an intriguing and sophisticated option.


They are the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy the freshness of a rosé together with the interesting notes provided by aging in oak, creating a unique and attractive oenological experience.


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