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Extra dry vermouth is a variant of vermouth that is characterized by having a very dry flavor profile, with a low sugar content and a greater emphasis on bitter and herbal flavors.

How is extra dry vermouth made?

The extra dry vermouth is made from a careful selection of quality white wines. These wines are macerated with a combination of herbs, spices, and botanicals, in specific proportions to achieve an especially dry and bitter flavor profile. During the maceration process, the herbs and spices impart their aromas and flavors to the wine, creating an intense and complex blend. Subsequently, a filtering process is carried out to obtain a smooth and clear texture. Unlike other types of vermouths that may have a higher sugar content, in the case of extra dry vermouth, the aim is to maintain a low level of sweetness. This approach brings out the bitter and herbal flavors, creating a vermouth with a distinctive note of dryness. Once brewing is complete, the extra dry vermouth is ready to be bottled and enjoyed, either neat, on the rocks, or as part of a variety of fancy dry cocktails.

What does extra dry vermouth taste like?

Extra dry vermouth is distinguished by its remarkably dry and bitter taste. It presents a noticeable absence of sweetness, which makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer harsher and more astringent flavors. When tasting it, you can appreciate intense herbal nuances and a marked presence of bitter flavors. The herbs used during its preparation, such as mugwort, juniper, wormwood, and fennel, contribute to its distinctive flavor profile. Extra dry vermouth can also have hints of subtle spices, such as cloves or cinnamon, which add complexity and depth.


It is a popular choice for those looking for a drier, more intense flavor experience, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a base in boldly flavored cocktails.

How to taste the extra dry vermouth?

To taste the extra dry vermouth and enjoy its unique characteristics, it is recommended to serve it in a wine glass or cocktail glass. Opt for a transparent glass cup that allows you to appreciate its color and aroma. Extra dry vermouth is usually served cold, but not frozen. Pre-refrigerate it to keep it fresh without compromising the flavors and aromas.

Before tasting it, examine the extra dry vermouth for color and clarity. It usually has a light, transparent shade. Bring the glass up to your nose and take a moment to inhale the aromas of the extra dry vermouth. Look for herbal and spicy notes that may emerge. Enjoy the subtle and complex aromas that are released. Take a small sip and let the extra dry vermouth spread all over your mouth. Pay attention to the texture, flavor, and balance between dry and bitter. You'll notice herbal and spicy flavors, as well as a distinctive astringency. Observe the aftertaste or residual flavor that remains on your palate after tasting. Extra dry vermouth tends to leave a long-lasting dry and bitter sensation.


Remember that each person has different taste preferences, so you can adjust the amount of vermouth, the temperature or even experiment with the addition of an additional ingredient to suit your taste. Enjoy exploring the unique flavors of extra dry vermouth!


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