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What is brandy?

Brandy is a distilled liquor that is produced from wine. Most Brandys are made from grapes, although other fruits such as apples, pears or plums can also be used. The Brandy production process begins with the fermentation of the grape must, which becomes wine. The wine is then distilled to increase its alcohol concentration and aged in oak barrels for several years. During the aging process, the Brandy acquires its characteristic flavour and colour, and its initial sour character softens.

What is the difference between brandy and Cognac?

There are several types of Brandys depending on their place of origin and the production process. The most famous are Brandy de Jerez from Spain and Cognac from France. Brandy de Jerez is made in the Jerez de la Frontera region, in southern Spain, using the solera method, which consists of mixing different Brandies of different ages to achieve a uniform mixture. On the other hand, Cognac is made in the Cognac region, in western France, and is produced using the double distillation method in copper stills.

What does brandy taste like?

In terms of flavour, Brandy is characterized by its smoothness and richness of flavours. Longer aged Brandies have a smoother flavour and darker colour, with hints of vanilla, wood and caramel. Younger Brandies have a sourer flavour and rougher texture.

How do you drink brandy?

Brandy can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails. It is considered an after-dinner liqueur due to its digestive properties and is commonly used in the preparation of desserts and cooking recipes.

What types of brandy can you find at LaVinateria?

In our specialized online liquor store, we offer a wide selection of high-quality Brandies from the best brands on the market. You will be able to find different varieties of Brandy, such as Brandy de Jerez, Cognac, Armagnac, among others, of different prices and ages. All of our Brandies are of the highest quality and available for purchase online. Visit our online liquor store and find the perfect Brandy to enjoy on any occasion!

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