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Reserve red wines are high-quality wines that are aged in barrels and in the bottle. They are complex, balanced, and elegant wines, with developed aromas and flavors and a solid structure. They are ideal to enjoy on special occasions and pair with red meat, game, dishes with intense sauces and cured cheeses.

  • How are Reserva red wines made?

    Reserva red wines are made through a meticulous process that involves a careful selection of the ripest and highest quality grapes. After alcoholic fermentation, these wines are subjected to a prolonged period of aging, generally in oak barrels, for at least a period determined by local regulations (for example, in Spain, a Reserva must age at least three years, with at least one year in barrel). During this time, the wine benefits from the interaction with the wood, developing additional flavors and aromas, as well as a smoother structure. Additional bottle aging is also common, allowing the wine to achieve greater complexity and harmony before release to the market. As a result, Reserva red wines typically offer deeper flavor profiles, more polished tannins, and greater ageability.

  • What are Reserva red wines like?

    Reserva red wines are recognized for their superior quality and rich character. This aging adds complexity to its aromatic and flavor profile, with notes ranging from ripe fruit and spices to nuances of vanilla and tobacco from the wood. The tannins soften during this process, giving it a silkier texture. Reserva red wines are ideal for those looking for more sophisticated and mature wine experiences.


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