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Red Wines Pinot Noir

The grape type of variety Pinot Noir is a delicatesse, so aromatical and seductive. Is one of the antiques predecessors of other types like Chardonnay. This is a red variety from Bourgogne that also extended to good part of the world: United States, California, New Zeland, South Africa, Italy, Canada, or Chile although in most of those countries is not as present as it is in Catalonia. Here, in Catalonia is easy to find Pinot Noir red wines at Penedès and Costers del Segre.

What’s special of Pinot Noir grape type variety?

Pinot Noir grape bunches are small and cylindrical. Vineyards are sensitive to pruning techniques, ground, frosts, wind, and buds. Pinot Noir red wines reflect accurately the terroir that made them grown. As they are so sensitive, the diseases are so usual. Bunches are delicate and usually the efficiency and fertility are limited.

Which is the taste of Pinot Noir red wines?

The most produced Is less tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon red wines. Pinot Noir red wines are gentle, most of them fruity wines and kind at mouth. Young Pinot Noir red wines have a savour that reminds to cherries and berries. These are sweet and elegant.

Which is the best pairing to Pinot Noir red wines?

As the high acidity of Pinot Noir red wines, the versatility of meal combinations is amazing, from: white meats, to pork or duck.

Which Pinot Noir red wines highlight at LaVinateria?

Starting from the base that practically all Pinot Noir red wines are high-quality wines, at LaVinateria we have French Pinor Noir wines so renowned: Ladoucette, Louis Jadot, Marimar, Mont Le Vieux, Régnard or Simonnet Fevbre. At Catalunya we find wine cellars like Castell d'Encús, Gramona or Celler de Capçanes.

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