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White Wines Godello

Godello grape type variety produces high quality godello wines with an amazing aromatical potential. They are originated on the banks of the Sil river, and the vineyards are located at D.O. Valdeorras and D.O. Bierzo. The North of Portugal is also a well-known variety. Godello wines are important on the winery tradition from all over Galicia because this grape represents the winery culture of this zone. Godello is a white grape variety that produces some of the best white wines of the moment.

  • Which are the characteristics of Godello grape type?

    Godello clusters are little and compact, with medium height and yellow greenish colour. Sometimes Godello is related to Verdejo variety since they may have been interbred at some time. The thick skin and its sensibility to cold weather is why the grape prefers dry climates. Godello variety obtains importance year after year thank to their aroma and ageing potential on barrel to get white complex and elegant wines.

    What’s especial from white Godello wines?

    There are some aspects of Godello white wines that highlight: body, acidity, low alcohol content, being a fruity wine, its delicacy at mouth and the balance of body and acidity. These are some of the reasons that makes Godello wines such a renowned wine inside the winery culture. This grape type can be adapted over different terroirs, and they can get a special mineralization that combines the salinity from Atlantic influence.

  • Which are the best white Godello wines to gift?

    At LaVinateria we have a great variety of white cheap godello wines of high quality. You can find different wine cellars godello wines like: Abadía da Cova, Fedellos do Couto, Santiago Ruiz, Pago de los Capellanes, Rafael Palacios o Virxe de Galir. LaVinateria is the best place to find Godello wines to gift. 


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