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What types of sparkling wines will you find at LaVinateria?

Sparkling wines are a fascinating world full of diversity. From delicate and seductive rosés to elegant and dry Brut cava, each type of sparkling wine has something special to offer wine lovers.

  • Why do rosé cavas and champagnes stand out?

    Beginning with sparkling rosé wines, its charm lies in its attractive pink colour and its fresh and fruity character. These wines, made with red grapes, provide an experience full of notes of red fruits, elegance, and a delicate bubble, creating a sensation of sophistication and joy.

    What characteristics do brut cavas have?

    We also find Brut sparkling wines, which are characterized by their dryness and their perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. These wines, with their vibrant freshness, are ideal for celebrations and pair well with a wide variety of dishes, from seafood to white meats.

    Do you know the cava brut nature?

    If you prefer an even drier sparkling wine, Brut Nature is the ideal choice. With virtually zero sugar content, these wines display exceptional elegance and purity. Its dry and clear flavour allows you to fully appreciate the expression of the grapes and highlights the fine effervescence that characterizes them.

    What are the sweetest sparkling wines?

    Sweet and semi-dry sparkling wines, on the other hand, provide a more indulgent and palatable experience. With a more noticeable dose of residual sugar, these wines captivate with their richer, smoother flavours. They are perfect to enjoy as a dessert or as an accompaniment to more spicy dishes.

  • What other types of sparkling wines are there?

    In addition to those mentioned, there are other types of sparkling wines that offer a wide range of profiles and tastes. From semi-sweet wines, with a subtle sweetness that gently balances acidity, to dry sparkling wines, which stand out with their dry and refined character, each type has its own charm and personality.

    Why buy brut or brut nature cava at LaVinateria's online wine store?

    In short, sparkling wines by type are a fascinating universe of flavours and experiences. Whether you prefer the elegance of rosés, the dryness of Brut cava, the purity of Brut Nature, or the indulgence of sweet and semi-dry wines, each type of sparkling wine has its special place in moments of celebration and enjoyment. Discover the diversity of sparkling wines and let yourself be captivated by their effervescent bubbles and unique flavours. Toast and celebrate in style!


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