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"Espumosos Reserva" are high-quality sparkling wines that have been aged for a specific period in the winery before being marketed. This term is commonly used in the context of sparkling wines, such as champagne and cava, and its meaning can vary depending on the regulations of the specific wine region.

How are reserve sparkling wines made?

Reserva sparkling wines are made through a process that involves a second fermentation in the bottle, where the base wine is mixed with yeasts and sugars to create natural bubbles. The bottles are then stored horizontally for an extended period, which can vary depending on the appellation's regulations, but is generally at least three years. During this time, the Reserva sparkling wines develop greater aromatic and flavor complexity due to the interaction with the dead yeasts. Finally, the bottles undergo a disgorgement process to remove the lees and are then sealed again before being marketed.


The result is a high-quality sparkling wine, with notes of nuts, toast and a smooth texture, ideal for special occasions and enjoyed with gourmet dishes.

What is the reserve sparkling wines like?

Reserva sparkling wines are effervescent wines that usually present richer and deeper aromatic notes, such as nuts, toast, and honey, along with a smooth texture and a fine, persistent bubble. Their elegance and refined character make them perfect for celebrations and gourmet pairings, and they are generally considered a superior expression of winemaking craftsmanship in the world of sparkling wines.

Grape varieties for reserve sparkling wines

Reserva sparkling wines can be made with a variety of grapes, and the choice of varieties depends on the producing region and the desired style. In the Champagne region of France, common grape varieties include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, while Spanish cava uses Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada. Each of these grapes brings its own personality to the sparkling wine, contributing to its complexity and balance. The focus is to create wines that age elegantly, developing deep flavors and aromas during their time in the cellar, which is characteristic of high-quality Reserva sparkling wines.

What can we accompany reserve sparkling wines with?

Reserva sparkling wines are elegant and sophisticated wines that pair wonderfully with a variety of dishes and special occasions. They are excellent as appetizers before a gourmet meal, and their aromatic complexity and structure make them ideal companions for high-quality seafood dishes, such as fresh oysters, lobster, caviar, and sushi. They can also enhance the experience of poultry dishes such as orange duck or creamed chicken, and their versatile character makes them suitable for a wide range of delicate desserts.


In short, Reserva sparkling wines are an exceptional choice for special moments and to enhance the flavors of haute cuisine.


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