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Discover the best varieties of red wine

If you are looking to buy red wine according to specific varieties, at you will find a wide selection to satisfy your preferences. Explore our red wine category by variety and discover a diversity of flavour profiles and unique characteristics in each bottle.

  • What types of red wines can you buy at LaVinateria?

    Within this category, you will find a selection of exceptional red grape varieties. The renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, widely cultivated, will delight you with wines with a robust body, firm tannins and intense flavours of black fruits, spices, and herbaceous notes.

    Do you know Merlot wines?

    The versatile Merlot, on the other hand, will give you smooth, medium-bodied wines, with exquisite flavours of ripe red and black fruits, subtle herbaceous notes and softer tannins compared to Cabernet Sauvignon.

    What are pinot noir wines like?

    If you prefer elegant and light wines, we invite you to explore the delicacy of Pinot Noir. This red grape variety will surprise you with seductive wines, highlighting fresh red fruit flavours, earthy nuances, and soft tannins.

    What kind of wine is Syrah?

    For those more intense wine lovers, Syrah is the perfect choice. This red grape will produce full-bodied wines, rich in dark fruit flavours, spices, black pepper, and structured tannins.

  • When to drink a Malbec wine?

    Immerse yourself in the exquisite expression of Malbec, a variety native to France, but closely associated with Argentina. Medium to full-bodied Malbec wines will captivate you with ripe black fruit flavours and chocolate notes. Malbec red wine is a versatile and delicious option. Perfect to enjoy with roast meats, at informal events, alongside game meat dishes, on winter nights, or on special occasions. Its intense flavour and soft tannins make it an unbeatable choice. Enjoy a Malbec red wine at any time!

    What does Tempranillo red wine taste like?

    We cannot forget the charm of Tempranillo, also known as Tinto Fino in Spain. This red grape will offer you medium-bodied wines, with flavours of ripe red fruits, spicy touches and soft tannins that will transport you to the Spanish wine lands.

    Why buy red wines at LaVinateria's online wine store?

    Do not hesitate, to visit and discover all these exciting varieties of red wines. Our extensive catalogue awaits you to provide you with a unique oenological experience.


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