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Red Wines Gran Reserva

Gran Reserva Red Wines compose the maximum expression of the viniculture and winemaking culture. These wines have some months of ageing that are subdued to a constant temperature and a controlled ambience.

Which are the characteristics that makes Gran Reserva Red Wines different?  

Gran Reserva Red Wines are those that have matured on barrel during at least 18 months and have already passed during 42 months on bottle. So, they need 5 years of ageing. These are perfect wines to gift on Christmas, birthdays or just to get on well with the in-laws and family.

Which savour have Gran Reserva Red Wines?

The first aspect that surprise is the tannic evolution, as the time passes by, they become silky and velvety. That’s why these wines are perfect to combine with exquisite culinary preparations, because Gran Reserva red wines are the ones to do this. The aroma usually has fruit reminiscences, vanilla, and some species.

Which grape type varieties highlight when producing Gran Reserva Red Wines?

The most common things were creating wines from different varieties to enrich the flavour of Gran Reserva Red Wines. These are still being produced at Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Rioja, or Ribera del Duero. It’s important to highlight that all these zones are also elaborating unique variety wines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Syrah, or Garnacha.

With these Gran Reserva Wines, wineries can delight the consumers with a great exceptional quality. They obtain different, elegant, and complex wines within the reach of very few. For example: Bodegas Faustino, Hermanos Sastre, Luis Cañas, Marqués de Murrieta, Muga, Vega Sicilia, C.V.N.E, Marqués de Riscal or Protos. At LaVinateria you will find cheap Gran Reserva Red Wines.


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