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Gran Reserva red wines are considered the highest quality and most sophisticated wines in the red category. These wines go through a long period of aging, both in oak barrels and in the bottle, before being marketed.

  • How are Gran Reserva red wines made?

    Gran Reserva red wines are the result of a meticulous and lengthy production process. After alcoholic fermentation, these wines age for an extended period, first in oak barrels and later in bottles in the winery's cellars. This aging can cover several years, and according to the regulations, it must be even longer than that of Reserve wines. During this time, the wine is infused with the flavors and aromas of the wood, acquiring layers of complexity that include notes of spices, vanilla, and often tertiary nuances such as leather and tobacco. The tannins are further softened, contributing to a smooth and elegant texture. The result is an exceptionally refined and balanced Gran Reserva red wine, intended to be enjoyed in special moments and which reflects the essence of the terroir and the mastery of the winery.

  • What is Gran Reserva red wines like?

    Gran Reserva red wines are a category of high-end wines that reflect the maximum expression of breeding and aging. Produced from selected grapes, these wines go through a long aging process in oak barrels and in the bottle before being released on the market. This extensive maturation period brings depth and complexity to the wine, with rich aromas and flavors ranging from ripe fruit and spices to tertiary notes such as leather and tobacco. The tannins integrate and soften, giving a silky and elegant texture. Gran Reserva red wines are appreciated for their balance, refinement and aging capacity, representing the result of oenological passion and dedication.


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