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Manzanilla generous wines are a variety of fortified wines that are characterized by their freshness and lightness, being one of the treasures of the Jerez region, in Spain. These wines have unique characteristics that distinguish them.

What characteristics do Manzanilla fortified wines have?

Manzanilla generous wines are characterized by their freshness, lightness, and a marked marine influence. Produced from Palomino Fino grapes, Manzanilla generous wines undergo an aging process under a veil of yeast called "flor", which gives them a particular flavor and aroma profile. On the nose, saline and chamomile notes can be appreciated, while on the palate they are light, dry, and lively, with a distinctive touch of saltiness.


Manzanilla fortified wines are a true treasure that captures the essence of the sea and the land, offering a refreshing and authentic experience with every sip.

What do we accompany Manzanilla fortified wines with?

Manzanilla fortified wines are ideal for pairing with a wide variety of dishes and appetizers. Their freshness and salty character make them perfect companions for fresh shellfish such as shrimp, oysters, clams, and mussels. In addition, their lightness makes them a perfect pairing with classic Spanish tapas such as olives, anchovies, and Galician octopus. They also complement very well with grilled or baked white fish, enhancing its delicate flavor. Due to their refreshing and balanced character, they are excellent to accompany sushi and ceviche dishes. They can even be enjoyed on their own as a light and refreshing snack.


In summary, Manzanilla fortified wines are a fantastic choice to enhance the flavors of the sea, Spanish tapas, and fish dishes, providing an authentic and refreshing gastronomic experience.


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