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American gins

Gin is a spirit drink that is mainly associated with England and Europe, but there are also some gins produced in the United States that have gained recognition and popularity in recent years.

How are American gins made?

American gins are made using a process like that of other gins, but with their own characteristics and flavor profiles. Generally, it starts with a base of neutral alcohol, which can be distilled from grains or other ingredients. To this base are added the selected botanicals, which can include juniper, cilantro, citrus, herbs, and spices, among others. The exact combination of botanicals varies by brand and style of gin. Once the botanicals have been macerated or added to the base alcohol, the mixture is distilled in copper or stainless-steel stills to extract the desired flavors and aromas. Some American gins can also go through a process of filtration or aging in oak barrels to further develop their character and complexity.


The result is an American gin with its own distinctive flavor profile, which can vary from fresh and citrus flavors to more complex and spicy profiles.

Which brands of American gin are there?

There are several brands of American gin recognized in the market.


No. 209: This gin is distilled in San Francisco, California. It is recognized for its artisan approach and for using a combination of botanicals, including juniper, bergamot, cardamom, and cilantro. No. 209 has a balanced and sophisticated flavor profile, with citrus and herbal notes.

Junipero: Produced by the Anchor Distilling Company in San Francisco, Junipero is a classic gin that stands out for its intense juniper flavor. It uses a traditional recipe with a higher concentration of juniper, which gives it a distinctive character and a more robust profile.

Bluecoat: Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bluecoat is an artisanal gin that is made in small batches. It uses a blend of traditional botanicals, such as juniper, cilantro and angelica root, along with a citrus touch of bitter orange peel. This combination gives it a fresh and vibrant flavor.

Seagram's: Seagram's is the best-known gin brand internationally and has a wide range of products. Although it was originally a Canadian distillery, it is also produced in the United States. Its classic gin is characterized by a smooth and balanced flavor, with a citrus and herbaceous touch.


These American gin brands offer a variety of flavor profiles and styles to satisfy different preferences.


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