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Rosé wines can obtain a Denomination of Origin (DO) that certifies their geographical origin and quality. Each wine region has its own characteristics and styles of rosé wine. Some of the best-known Denominations of Origin for rosé wines include:


Provence (France)

The Provence region is famous for producing some of the most renowned rosé wines in the world. Rosés from Provence are usually pale, elegant and with floral and fruit aromas.

Rioja (Spain)

Although La Rioja is best known for its red wines, it also produces excellent rosé wines. La Rioja rosés are generally more intense in color and flavor, with hints of red fruit and spices.

Côtes de Provence (France)

This is another region of France specialized in the production of rosé wines. Wines from the Côtes de Provence are known for their freshness and elegance, with flavors of red fruits and citrus.

Navarre (Spain)

Navarra is a Spanish region that stands out for its fresh and fruity rosé wines. These rosés are ideal to enjoy in warm climates due to their refreshing character.

Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

This vast region in the south of France produces a wide variety of wines, including rosés. Languedoc-Roussillon rosés can range in style from light and fresh to more intense and complex.

Empordà (Catalonia)

This region is in Catalonia, close to the border with France, and produces high-quality rosé wines with a wide variety of styles. Empordà rosés are usually pale, fresh, and elegant, with balanced acidity and fruity flavours.

Lambrusco (Italy)

Lambrusco is an appellation of origin in the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy. Although most Lambrusco wines are sparkling reds, some rosé wines are also made.


These are just some of the many Denominations of Origin that produce rosé wines around the world. Each region has its own characteristics and traditions, making rosé wines an exciting and diverse option for wine lovers.


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