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Grenache is a red grape type variety cultivated over huge extensions in Spain. It also highlights on France, Australia, and United States. Grenache is known as Lledoner at Empordà region. There can be found so many other different Grenache varieties like: White Grenache, Grey Grenache, Downy Grenache, Red Grenache, Rosé Grenache, or Alicante Bouschet. The variety has a great versatility with a good ability to adapt on different grounds.

  • How is the Garnacha grape type variety?

    Garnacha variety produces great and compacted grape bunches. Their skin is so thin. It’s necessary to have the timings well controlled because a heat excess or a late harvest can make the alcoholic degree improve. The Grenache has ease to keep sugars and improve the alcoholic degree.

    How are white Garnacha wines?

    White Garnacha wines are juicy, fruity, elegant and sweety. They are used to have a medium acidity and easy to drink. Comparing Syrah or Pinot Noir varieties, the colour and intensity are so different. Grenache is less intense and clearer than other varieties. Grenache is variety that highlights its own terroir. Grenache white wines are known to have red fruit notes and white pepper apart from having sweet savour. Grenache white wines are so easy to drink, very silky. The ones that highlight most can be found at Priorat, Montsant, Sierra de Gredos or also at La Rioja and Navarra.

  • Which are the wineries that LaVinateria selects?

    The best Grenache white wines that can be found at LaVinateria, at the best price and all of them on your dispose. From wineries like Agrícola Sant Josep, Lagunilla, Luis Cañas, Muga, C.V.N.E, Vall Llach or Scala Dei apart from many other different wine cellars. You will find white Grenache wines to drink with any meal, to gift or to have fun.

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