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If you are interested in buying fortified wine according to a specific type, at you will find a wide selection.

Fortified wines encompass a wide variety of styles and types, each with distinctive characteristics and flavor profiles.



Amontillado is a fortified wine from Jerez that is characterized by its aging under a flor veil and subsequent oxidative aging. It begins its aging as a Fino or a Manzanilla, but then the flower layer is removed so that it encounters the air and oxidizes. The result is a wine with a golden amber color and more intense flavors, which combines the characteristics of a fine wine and an oloroso. It usually has notes of nuts, caramel, spices, and wood.

Palo Cortado

Palo Cortado is a generous style of wine that is characterized by its initial aging under a flor veil, but which spontaneously loses this protective layer and continues its aging in an oxidative manner. It is a rare and highly appreciated wine, as it combines the elegance and complexity of an Amontillado with the richness and body of an Oloroso. It has intense aromas, flavors of nuts, citrus and spices, and a silky texture.


Moriles wine is a generous wine produced in the Montilla-Moriles region, in Spain, mainly from the Pedro Ximénez grape variety. It is made using the oxidative aging process and can have different styles, from dry to sweet. Sweet Moriles wines are recognized for their intensity and richness, with flavors of raisins, figs, nuts, and caramel.


Rancid wine is a special style of fortified wine characterized by prolonged oxidative aging. During this process, the wine is exposed to air and oxidized in a controlled manner, developing unique flavors and aromas, often with hints of dried fruit, wood, and caramel. Rancid wine can be both sweet and dry and is produced in several wine-growing regions, such as the south of France and Catalonia.


El Oloroso is a fortified wine from Jerez that undergoes oxidative aging without the presence of a veil of flor. It is darker and fuller-bodied than other fortified wines, with intense flavors of nuts, spices, wood, and dried fruit. It is a dry wine and usually has a higher alcohol content than other styles.


La Manzanilla is a fortified wine produced in the Sanlúcar de Barrameda region, within the framework of Jerez. It is characterized by its aging under flor veil in cellars near the Atlantic Ocean. La Manzanilla has a lighter and fresher profile compared to other generosos, with notes of green apple, almonds, and saltiness.


El Fino is another generous wine from Jerez that is aged under a flor veil during its aging. It is a dry and pale wine, with a light and delicate character. It presents flavors of almonds, yeast, and saline notes.


These are just a few examples of generous wines, each with its own character and production process. Each style offers unique sensory experiences and are ideal to enjoy as an aperitif or to pair with a variety of dishes. Health!


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