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D.O. Somontano can be found at the middle of Huesca’s region, to the North of Aragon at the foot of the Pyrenees and near the Monegros flatlands. A perfect place to cultivate vineyards thanks to the influence of the rivers that cross the province like Cinca, Vero or Alcanadre. Somontano is the result of the sum of all these variables like altitude, tradition, innovation, values, and nature of this land.

Which type of white wines does D.O. Somontano offer?

The producers of Huesca’s province made some achievements with their white wines of D.O. Somontano because these white wines are exquisite with a perfect acidity thank to the continental climate and the hours of sunlight that the vineyards receive. White wines of D.O. Somontano are round, powerful, fresh with a clear colour. They are perfect to pair with fish meals, shellfish, rice and white meat. D.O. Somontano use different grape types like Chardonnay, Gewürtztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeu, White Garnatxa, Riesling and Alcanyon. From La Vinateria we offer a huge selection of different white wines that are fabulous and great to pair with any type of dishes to take with the best people around. D.O. Somontano white wines are perfect to gift. Get inside the La Vinateria website to gift good white wines of D.O. Somontano.

Which are the best wine cellars of D.O. Somontano?

The wineries that are well renowned of this territory can be foun at La Vinateria: Otto Bestué, Enate and Viñas del Vero with any type of different varieties and different ageing wines.


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