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The Touriga Nacional grape variety, also known as Touriga Francesa, is a native grape of Portugal that plays a prominent role in the production of high-quality port wines and red wines. Although it is mainly used to make dry wines, it can also be used to make exceptional sweet wines.

What is the Touriga Nacional grape variety like?

The sweet wines of Touriga Nacional present distinctive characteristics that make them unique. These wines typically exhibit deep, intense color, with balanced sweetness and vibrant acidity. In terms of aromas and flavors, they can show notes of ripe fruits, such as blackberries and black plums, accompanied by spicy nuances and hints of cocoa and licorice. Touriga Nacional's sweet wines offer a rich and complex taste experience, combining sweetness with the characteristic flavors of the grape. Its contribution to sweet Port wines is particularly appreciated, as it brings structure and complexity to these fortified wines.


In summary, the Touriga Nacional is an outstanding grape to produce quality sweet wines, providing a unique distinction and character to these wines.

What do Touriga Nacional sweet wines pair with?

The sweet wines of Touriga Nacional, also known as Touriga Francesa, are an exceptional option to pair with various dishes and desserts. Their balance between sweetness and acidity makes them versatile at the table. They complement particularly well with dark fruit-based desserts, such as blackberry tarts, plum compotes, or dark fruit coulis, enhancing the fruit flavors and providing a pleasant freshness. They are also an excellent option to accompany intense chocolate desserts, such as dark chocolate cakes or truffles since the sweetness of the wine counteracts and highlights the flavors of cocoa. In addition, Touriga Nacional's sweet wines can pair with intensely flavored cheeses, such as blue cheese or cured cheese, creating a harmonious contrast between sweetness and saltiness.


In short, Touriga Nacional's sweet wines offer a satisfying and versatile pairing experience, enhancing the flavors of desserts and cheeses with their balance of sweetness and acidity.


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