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The pomace is a distilled liquor traditionally produced in Galicia. It is made from the solid residues of the grape that remain after the fermentation of the must to produce wine. These residues, known as pomace, undergo a distillation process to obtain the pomace.

How is the pomace made?

The pomace is made by a distillation process from the solid residues of the grape, known as pomace. First, the pomace is collected after the fermentation of the must to produce wine. Then, the pomace is taken to copper stills, where it undergoes a distillation process. During distillation, the components of the pomace are separated, thus obtaining the distilled alcohol. The resulting pomace can be white or aged in oak barrels, which gives it different characteristics and flavors.


The result is a liqueur with an intense flavor and rich aromatic complexity.

What flavors does the pomace have?

The pomace has a wide range of flavors that can vary depending on the type of pomace and its aging process. White pomace is known for its intense and fruity flavor, with fresh grape notes and a slight spicy sensation on the palate. On the other hand, the pomace aged in oak barrels acquires more complex and smooth nuances. May have notes of vanilla, caramel, dried fruit, and spices, which develop during the aging process. Depending on the grape variety used and the distillery, specific flavors such as citrus, floral, or herbal can also be found.


In short, pomace offers a rich and diverse sensory experience, with flavors ranging from fruity and fresh to warm and spicy, giving liqueur lovers a wide range of options to enjoy.

How to taste the pomace?

To taste the pomace and appreciate all its flavors and nuances, it is recommended to follow a few steps. First, serve the pomace in a suitable glass, preferably a transparent glass, so that you can appreciate its color and viscosity. Then bring the glass up to your nose and take a moment to inhale the aromas. You will notice intense notes of grapes, fruits, spices and possibly notes of oak if it is an aged pomace. Then, take a small sip and allow the pomace to cover your entire mouth. Let it mix with the air to further release the aromas. Taste slowly, noting the different layers of flavor, from the initial fruit flavors to the more complex and spicy tones. Feel the warmth on the palate and appreciate the persistence of the flavors in the aftertaste.


When tasting the pomace, take your time and enjoy the full sensory experience, allowing the flavors to slowly unfold and transport you to the region of Galicia, where this delicious drink originates. Health!


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