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Sparkling rosé is a type of sparkling wine that is characterized by its pink or pink color, which can vary from pale and delicate tones to more intense and vibrant colors.

What is the sparkling rosé like?

Sparkling rosé is made mainly from red grapes, using different winemaking methods, such as the traditional method (used in Champagne) or the Charmat method (used in Prosecco).

It is known for its fruity flavor profile and its balance between freshness and sweetness. It may present notes of red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, or even citrus touches, depending on the grape varieties used.

What varieties can we find in rosé sparkling wines?

Sparkling rosés offer an interesting variety of options, highlighting Cava Rosado, one of the best known, made mainly in the region of Catalonia. Cava Rosado is usually dry or semi-dry and is produced from grapes such as Grenache, Monastrell or Pinot Noir, offering fruity flavors and pleasant acidity. Another variety to mention is the Sparkling Rosé from the Penedès region, which often uses the Trepat grape, providing a fresher and fruitier character.


In short, sparkling rosés present a rich diversity of styles and flavors, ideal to enjoy on a variety of occasions.

How to accompany rosé sparkling wines?

Sparkling rosés are a versatile choice to pair with a variety of foods. Their balance between acidity and freshness makes them ideal to accompany light starters such as fresh salads, seafood, and sushi. In addition, their subtle sweetness and fruity notes make them an excellent option to harmonize with white meat dishes such as grilled chicken or turkey. They are also a lovely accompaniment to not-too-sweet desserts, such as fruit tarts.

When can we enjoy the sparkling rosé?

Sparkling rosé is a delicious and versatile choice that can be enjoyed for a variety of times and occasions. It is perfect as an aperitif to toast and celebrate festive events, such as weddings, anniversaries, or meetings with friends. It is also a refreshing option to relax on a sunny afternoon or romantic evening. Its attractive pink color and fruity flavor make it an ideal drink for special occasions, but it is also suitable to enjoy at casual times, such as a cookout or a quiet night at home.


In short, sparkling rosé is a versatile companion that adds a touch of elegance and joy to any occasion. Health!

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