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"Ancestral Sparkling Wines" are sparkling wines that have gained popularity in recent years among wine lovers who appreciate the uniqueness and history of these sparkling wines.

How are Ancestral sparkling wines made?

The "Ancestral Sparkling Wines" are made using an ancient production method that is one of the precursors of modern sparkling wine techniques. This method involves stopping the fermentation of the must before it is complete and then bottling the wine in that state. Fermentation continues in the bottle, as the residual sugars interact with the yeasts present, creating bubbles naturally. No sugar or external yeasts are added to induce carbonation, as in other sparkling methods.

What are Ancestral sparkling wines like?

Ancestral sparkling wines are usually light and fresh wines, with a fruity and often slightly sweet profile due to the early interruption of fermentation. This method is simpler and less controlled than other sparkling methods, resulting in wines with a more natural and spontaneous expression. They are often not filtered or over-clarified, which can leave sediment in the bottle.

How to accompany Ancestral sparkling wines?

Ancestrales sparkling wines, with their fresh and slightly sweet character, are ideal as refreshing aperitifs at celebrations and informal meetings. They are also perfect companions for light dishes and not too sweet desserts. They pair especially well with cold starters, such as fruit salads or sushi, and can complement soft cheeses or desserts such as apple or pear pies.


Their versatility and approachable nature make them a charming choice for a wide variety of occasions and tastes.


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