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Fino fortified wines are a category of fortified wines known for being dry, light, and elegant. Originally from the Jerez region of Spain, Fino fortified wines have distinctive characteristics that make them unique.

What characteristics do Fino Fortified wines have?

Fino fortified wines are known for being dry, light, and elegant fortified wines. Originally from the Jerez region in Spain, Fino generous wines are distinguished by their production process and their unique characteristics. The base wine, mainly made from Palomino Fino grapes, is fortified with brandy to increase its alcohol content. During their aging, these wines undergo biological aging under a veil of yeast called "flor", which forms on the surface of the wine in oak barrels. This aging provides characteristic aromas and flavors, such as notes of almonds, chamomile, and a distinctive saline freshness. On the palate, Fino generous wines are dry, light, and delicate, with balanced acidity and a smooth texture.


In short, Fino fortified wines are a wine gem, renowned for their elegance, dryness and wide range of flavors that make them a popular choice for wine lovers.

What do we accompany the fortified Fino wines with?

Fino fortified wines are excellent for pairing with a variety of dishes and appetizers. Their dry, light, and fresh profile makes them an ideal choice to accompany fresh shellfish such as shrimp, oysters, and mussels. They also complement very well with traditional Spanish tapas, such as olives, anchovies in vinegar and ham croquettes. Its balanced acidity and saline notes make it a perfect pairing with grilled or baked white fish. In addition, they are ideal to enjoy with Iberian ham and other sausages, enhancing their flavors.


In short, Fino fortified wines are versatile and refreshing companions that enhance a wide range of dishes and appetizers, offering a complete and flavorful dining experience.


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