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What's special about Chardonnay variety?

Chardonnay grape-type variety is the most dominant of all the white varieties around the globe and some of the greatest chardonnay wines are also the most expensive ones. Generally, white chardonnay wines age so well on barrel, and they are very versatile. Additionally, it is the white variety most used in Catalunya and Spain: Penedès, Alella and Somontano. Chardonnay white wines can also be found over France, Chile, Australia, or California. Grape Chardonnay can adapt perfectly to all different climates and regions of the world.

  • What are Chardonnay White Wines like? 

    Even being adapted so well everywhere, Chardonnay grape type is different on every region where it is cultivated and is also differently produced: fresh wines, mineral wines, creamy wines, or sweet wines. Aromas can change from citric tones on coldest regions to white Chardonnay wines that have reminds of apple and honey with floral notes. Chardonnay wines that Chardonnay grape type produces are usually used to be aged to get exceptional and excellent expensive white wines.

    Which savour have Chardonnay wines?

    Apart from being white aromatical wines and white fruity wines they can also be mono varietal or coupages from different varieties. Their colour is very expressive, and it vary from pale colours to the golden ones. At nose white chardonnay wines are citric and fruity with great freshness. At mouth there can be found different fruits and with time on barrel chardonnay wines obtain more savours and body. These are sweet wines with a moderate acidity.

  • Which are the wineries that highlight most at LaVinateria?

    You can find the best white Chardonnay wines, also Chardonnay expensive wines but always at the most economical white chardonnay wines will be at LaVinateria. Wineries like: Enrique Mendoza, Louis Latour and Gramona.


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