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Fruity Gins

Fruity gins are those that stand out for their intense and juicy fruit flavors. These gins are often refreshing and add a natural sweetness that makes them ideal for sweeter cocktails or enjoyed neat on the rocks.

How are fruity gins made?

Fruity gins are made by incorporating fresh fruit, natural extracts or fruit infusions during the distillation or maceration process. In the case of using fresh fruits, these are added to the still along with the traditional botanicals of gin, such as juniper and coriander. During distillation, the flavors and aromas of the fruits are extracted and mixed with the base alcohol. In the case of natural extracts or infusions, they are added to the already distilled gin to impregnate it with the desired flavors and aromas.


The result is a fruity gin that preserves the essence and freshness of the fruits used, providing a sweet, juicy and flavorful tasting experience.

What are the most popular fruity gins?

These fruity gins are just a few examples, and the market offers a wide variety of options with different fruit flavors. You can experiment with different combinations and discover the fruity gin that best suits your preferences and your favorite cocktails.


Strawberry Gin: Infused with fresh strawberries, this gin offers a sweet and fruity flavor. It is perfect for spring cocktails or to add a fruity touch to a classic gin and tonic.

Berry Gin: This gin combines a variety of berries, including raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, to create a slightly tart, fruity flavor profile. It is a versatile option that can be used in a wide range of cocktails.

Apple Gin: Infused with fresh apples or using natural apple extracts, this gin offers a crisp, fresh taste. It combines very well with ingredients such as lemon or mint in refreshing cocktails.

Grapefruit Gin: Distilled or infused with grapefruit peel, this gin provides a bitter, citrusy flavor with refreshing undertones. It is perfect for cocktails with a tangy touch and mixes especially well with mild tonics.


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