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The red wines of Portugal offer great diversity and quality, and each region has its own selection of indigenous grapes, such as Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Trincadeira, which contribute different flavors and characteristics to Portuguese red wines. With its wealth of styles and flavors, Portugal's red wines offer an exceptional wine experience for wine lovers.

  • How are red wines from Portugal made?

    The production of red wines in Portugal follows a process like that of other producing countries. The grapes are harvested manually or mechanically at the optimum moment of ripeness. They are then separated from the clusters and can be lightly squeezed to release the juice. Some growers choose to ferment the grapes whole. The must (grape juice) ferments in stainless steel tanks or in traditional lagars (shallow granite containers) where the grapes are trodden. During fermentation, the skins and seeds add colour, tannins, and flavors to the wine. After fermentation, the skins and seeds are pressed to extract the remaining liquid. This liquid can be added to fermenting wine or used to produce lower quality wines. Many Portuguese red wines go through a period of aging in oak barrels or in the bottle. Barrel aging can add additional flavors and aromas to the wine, as well as aid in the integration of tannins. The duration of the aging varies according to the style of wine and the specific regulations of each region. Once the wine has reached its optimum point of maturity and has completed its aging, it is bottled. Some wines may require an additional period of rest in the bottle before being marketed.

    It is important to note that these steps are general and may vary by producer, region, and individual preferences. Portugal has several wine regions, such as the Douro Valley, the Alentejo and the Lisbon region, each with their own indigenous grape varieties and winemaking techniques, contributing to the diversity and quality of Portuguese red wines.

  • How are the red wines of Portugal?

    The red wines of Portugal are recognized for their quality and diversity. Each wine region in the country, from the Douro Valley to the Alentejo to the Lisbon region, offers red wines with distinctive characteristics. Portuguese wines are known for their intensity, complexity, and structure, with a wide range of flavors ranging from ripe fruit and spice to earthy and herbaceous notes. Native grape varieties such as Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Baga bring their own character and personality to Portuguese red wines. With a long winemaking tradition and a unique combination of climates, soils and winemaking techniques, Portugal offers exciting, high-quality red wines that are appreciated around the world.


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