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Rosé Wines Syrah

The versatility of Syrah grape type is worldwide known. Able to adapt to any climate and ready to produce excellent wines. It’s the 5th most used grape type variety of the planet. Australia, France, Italy or Spain are the regions that Syrah variety is commonly extended. With rosé wines Syrah Hermitage, rosé wines Syrah Saint Joseph, rosé wines Syrah Penfolds, rosé wines Syrah from Toscana or Sicilia. These ones are Italian Syrah rosé wines are rounded, silky and Mediterranean, subtle and versatile.

What highlights most of Syrah variety?

Apart from the versatility and its nature when cultivating, we also find that Syrah variety is so expressive with high acidity level. Rosé Syrah wines are not used to be mono varietal, that’s why they are used on coupages to give colour, aroma, freshness, and softy at mouth to other wines.

What’s the taste of rosé Syrah wines?

Rosé Syrah wines are dense and equilibrated, with large life. Syrah variety produces rosé high alcoholic wines, aromatical and reminding to violet, leather, tobacco, and liquorice. These rosé Syrah Wines can be aged with a high quality as the way it can be seen over some Origin Denominations from Spain: rosé Priorat Syrah wines, rosé Penedès Syrah wines, rosé Rioja Syrah wines, Rosé Spain Syrah wines. We also find rosé Syrah wines in some zones like Castilla and La Manxa, Aragón, Múrcia and Extremadura.

Which are the wine cellars that highlight rosé Syrah wines?

At LaVinateria there can be found a huge variety of different wineries from all over the world. Nowadays at LaVinateria we highlight wine cellars like: Abadia Retuerta, Celler Jordi Miró, Celler Vall Llach, Mas Codines, Perelada, Olivardots o Viñas del Vero. Here you will find some of the best rosé Syrah wines at the best price.

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