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Sparkling wines made from the Trepat grape variety are less common but offer a unique and distinctive experience. Trepat is a red strain grown primarily in the wine-growing region of Catalonia and is known for its contribution to rosé sparkling wines.

What is the Trepat grape variety like?

The Trepat grape variety is a red strain known for its versatility in the production of rosé sparkling wines, especially in the production of rosé cava. Trepat is characterized by its compact clusters and thin-skinned grapes that provide an attractive pink color to the wines. Its flavors are usually fresh and fruity, with notes of strawberries and raspberries, often accompanied by floral touches.


This variety has become an essential component of rosé cava production, contributing to its distinctive character and its growing popularity in the rosé sparkling wine market.

What do Trepat sparkling wines pair with?

Sparkling wines made from the Trepat grape variety, with their attractive pink color and fresh fruit flavours, are a lovely choice to pair with a variety of light and elegant dishes. They are ideal as an aperitif or to accompany starters such as fresh salads and seafood dishes, where their fruity character enhances the flavors. They are also an excellent option for white meat dishes, such as grilled chicken, and soft cheeses. Their effervescence and versatile profile make them a suitable choice for toasting at celebrations or enjoying an outdoor meal on a sunny day.


In short, Trepat sparkling wines are versatile and refreshing, making them suitable for a variety of dining occasions.


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