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Maccabeu is a white variety also known as Viura, which is vey common in Spain. The yield and production of Maccabeu vines are very high with no caring costs. Maccabeu was not a highly respected grape over the world of winemaking, but during the last few years has improved.

  • Where is commonly known as Viura?

    La Rioja was not happy with the yield of Viura wine, so they decided to use Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. But then, the Regulation Council and the producers of D.O. Rioja, were able to improve Maccabeu white wines. The principal problem of Viura wines was the overproduction of the vineyards that let to the losing of aroma concentration and the balance between sugar and acidity on white Maccabeu wines. We can also find this variety on Castilla La Mancha, Catalunya, Extremadura, Valencia, La Rioja, and Aragón apart from lots of different zones. White Viura wines from La Rioja can be monovarietal or coupage combined to Malvasia or white grenache. They are unctuous, rounded, and spicy wines. While White Maccabeu wines from Catalunya are usually combined with Xarel·lo or Muscat.

    Which are the characteristics of Maccabeu?

    This is a white grape type variety, compact, big and adaptable to different types of grounds and climatic conditions. White Maccabeu wines are delicate and have pallid yellow colour with greenish tones. At mouth is balanced, fresh and large. White viura wines are pleasant and light. These white wines can have lots of different styles: floral aroma, fruity wines, herbs savour… They can also be aged on oak barrels to make more bodied wines. When wines are raised on their own lees get creamy and expressiveness.

  • Which Maccabeu wines can be found at LaVinateria?

    Our selection of Viura wines is focused on white Catalan macabeu wines. There can be found different wine varieties from D.O. Catalunya, Conca de Barberà, Costers del Segre, Empordà, Penedès, Montsant or Priorat. We also have wines from Languedoc Roussillon.


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